J. V., Yardling, Varsity Elevens, Booters Journey to Nassau

Callahan May Be Gone as Booters Meet Princetons

The Crimson varsity booters will probably be minus a star halfback when they meet Princeton at 11:30 this morning.

Jim Callahan, starting left half in the last three games, sprained his knee during warm-up exercises Wednesday. In Thursday's practice he could not kick well and had trouble running. Coach Bruce Munre will use Craig Zane if Callahan cannot play.

Munre thinks his term has a good chance against the Tigers, even without the left half. His team is in good psychological shape for the game. "The Amherst game helped build up their spirit," he said. "We played poor soccer, but we won."

Hot and Cold

Princeton has had a hot-and-cold season this year. In 1951, there was no game with the Tigers, but two years ago Princeton won 4 to 1. Harvard won 1 to 0 in 1949 and 3 to 1 in 1948.


The starting Crimson lineup will have Roger Taylor in the goal, Bob Sobel and Captain Charlie Ufford at fullbacks, Alex Haegler, Carrie McIntosh, and either Zane or Callahan at halfbacks. Johnny Beer and Mauricio Toro, the team's high scorers, will be left inside and center forward, respectively. Outsides will be Berk Johnson and Win Knowlton, and peter baker will start at right inside.

During the week the Crimson polished up its short-passing and kick-in plays. On Thursday the team scrimmaged with the freshman squad. The players stayed in Trenton last night after travelling from Cambridge and taking a light workout yesterday afternoon on one of the Princeton fields.

The booters record to date is two wins, two wins, and four losses.

Three games remain after today's meeting with the Tigers. On Tuesday they meet Connecticut at Storrs. Next Saturday they travel to Providence for the Brown game, and the following Saturday they wind up the season against Yale here.