The Mail

To the editors of the CRIMSON:

I've never even seen the Louis Armstrong show at Storyville which Andrew E. Norman reviews in the December 12 CRIMSON, but I know enough about music and musicians to know that Mr. Norman makes three mistakes in proper names during the course of his article, mistakes which somewhat impair the apparent note of authority which distinguishes the rest of the review. The said mistakes are:

(1) The correct name of the "talented young bass player" with the Armstrong outfit is Arvel Shaw, not "Orville."

(2) Miss Middleton's first name is Velma, not "Thelma."

(3) The initiate of the famous trombone player whom Norman says was "having a wonderful time" are J. C., not J. "S." Higginbotham.

Better luck next time! William P. Wood, Jr. '54