Amory Leaves University for Govt. Position

Winslow Replaces Him in Race For Delegate's Seat at G.O.P. Convention; Post Not Named

Robert Amory, Jr. '36, professor of Law, confirmed last night a rumor that he will receive a leave of absence from the University next month to accept a government job in Washington. The new post has also forced him to withdraw as a candidate for a seat to the Republican National Convention.

The Law School has not as yet named the professor who will take over Amory's teaching duties, but it was disclosed last night that Henry D. Winslow '32 will replace him as a candidate for the Eleventh Congressional District seat to the G.O.P. Convention.

Winslow, a former state Representative, will pair with Amory's partner, Charles S. Bolster, in the April primaries. The University professor stated that the two candidats, both Boston attorneys, "are presently as enthusiastic about Sisenbower as I am. In any event, they are certain to make a sound and constructive choice for the Republican nominee."

The University has already announced the appointment of Robert Braucher, professor of Law, for Amory's post of advisor to second-year Law students. "For security reasons," Amory will not be able to disclose the nature of his government job until next Thursday.

New candidate Winslow told the press last night that he will follow the original policy of the Amory-Bolster slate and that he will exercise his "very best judgment toward selecting a Republican candidate who can and will win in November."