Audience Blasts German Festival At HYP Meeting

Strong oriticiem keynoted the Young Progressives' German Peacs Festival report last night. The speaker, Robin Briehi 2M, extolled the accomplishments of the Festival in the interests of world peace, but met with angry rebuffs from members of the audience.

In reply to Brishl's statement that the conference furthered world peace, a German exchange student questioned whether it was a "peace festival" or a propaganda festival. The student suggested that copies of George Orwell's book, "1984", be sent to eastern European students.

Law Student Leaps to Stage

Immediately after Briehl's talk, a young a man who described himself as a first year law student jumped onto the stage and yanked off his jacket, exposing the uniform of the Free German Youth movement. He explained that he went to the Festival in the summer of 1951 "to see if it was sincere." He questioned the truth of many of the speaker's statements.

Audience reaction was clearly indicated by its loud applause for the critical statements. When James K. Bouzoukis '52, president of the Harvard Young Progressives, was asked to comment on the reaction of the audience, he said, "I didn't expect if to be quite so hostile as it was."