Sorokin Refuses Affiliation With Anti-UMT Group

Pitirim A. Sorokin, professor of Sociology, last night declared that he has decided not to act as sponsor to the newly-formed Harvard Peace Council. Meanwhile, Henry J. Cadbury, Hollis Professor of Divinity, said it was "very likely" he would sponsor the Council as soon as it works out "a more definite program of action." Both men had been asked to act as faculty advisors to the three-week old organization.

"My sympathies are with them," Sorokin stated, but he said he felt his Russian background disqualified him for the position. "Such a job should be held by someone who is a native of this country or has native parents." The 63-year-old sociologist left the Soviet Union after the Revolution and came to the United States in 1923.

"I don't think they need a sponsor just yet," Cadbury declared last night. He said he himself wanted to see what the Peace Council's platform was before he would consent to send his name to Dean Watson's office as faculty advisor. The group has already fulfilled the first requirement for an undergraduate organization by submitting a membership list of at least ten students to University Hall.

David Drake '52, co-chairman of the Peace Council, said last night that the group has decided whether or not it would endorse pacifism, but that the organization's stand could not be divulged for another week, pending ratification by an executive board meeting.