Kirkland Gets Saturday Night House Privileges

Junior Common Room Open to 11; Eliot Now Only House Without Late Permissions

Kirkland House-has instituted a trial program allowing House members and women guests access to the Junior Common Room until 11 o'clock Saturday evenings, House officials announced yesterday. This action leaves Eliot as the only House without such a program.

The Krikland plan states that House members and their dates may use the Common Room for dancing, card-playing, or checkers, as long as they fulfill three regulations.

1. Both chandeliers must be fully lighted.

2. No alcoholic beverages, including beer, may be drunk.

3. Good order, manners, and morals must be upheld.


Charles E. Nelson '52, Chairman of the Kirkland House Committee said of the new plan, "We hope that it gives the fellows a good chance for informal dates with a minimum of expense."

Five other House allow their residents to entertain women in the common rooms on Saturday evenings, as Leverett, Lowell, Winthrop, Dunster, and Adams have had similar plans in effect for several years.

Adams Curfew

Adams and Dunster extend the privileges to Sundays and all University holidays, while Dunster includes Fridays also. Adams includes Wednesday evening under its program, but places a 10 p.m. curfew at all times.

Four of the Houses require students to sign in and out of the common room, but Leverett does not.

"And if they want to go in and use the common room on Friday night, It's all right with me," said Leigh Hoadley. Master of Leverett.

John Finley, Master of Eliot., the only House which does not extend the common room privileges on Saturday evenings, could not be reached for comment. Other Eliot House officials, how ever, stated that there was no indication that such a plan would be put into effect.