Lee Wrestles in Varsity Meet With Maroons Today

Captain Johnny Lee returns to the line-up today to give added strength to Coach Bob Pickett's varsity wrestlers, who are seeking their fifth consecutive victory against a dangerous Maroon squad at Springfield.

This afternoon at Exeter, Howie Houston's freshmen will attempt to extend their unbeaten string to three wins.

The return of Lee, however, is nullified somewhat by the inactivity of 130 pound Bud Adams, a polished wrestler who has won three matches in a row. With Lee taking his customary 123-pound position. Pickett plans to move sophomore Eddle Bursk into Adams' 130-pound post.

Icko Iben, a consistently good performer all season, will work in the 137-pound class, while Larry Wilde will make his second varsity appearance at 147.

Springfield offers greatest challenge in the light classes. In a 11 to 13 victory over Yale, the Maroons won the first four matches. But the Crimson, with Lee, Iben, and Bursk in the light positions, has enough power to meet this challenge.

Both teams are weak in the heavyweight positions. One notable exception is the Crimson's 157-pound Chick Chandler. Pickett's most outstanding sophomore. Tony Caimi at 167 and Dave Morris at 177 lack experience, but heavyweight George Bates, after a weak start, has improved steadily.