Songstress Mouths Words at Smoker

Smoker star Helen O'Connell went into a huddle yesterday afternoon with members of the Smoker Committee and came out with an amusing and ingenious way to beat the ban on her singing here which enthralled an estimated house of 800 freshmen at the Smoker last night.

Prevented by clauses in her contract from actually singing. Miss O'Connell cleverly mouthed words to her hit recording of "Green Eyes," while a phonograph played the record.

She followed with ad lib comments and then adjourned to Memorial Hall where she drank a beer surrounded by a crowd of admiring freshmen.

Arriving at 10:30 after her evening show at Boston's Metropolitan theatre, Miss O'Connell climaxed over two hours of varied entertainment in Sanders Theatre. The show was handled by sophomore Jerry Alch.

Highspots in the entertainment were provided by comedian Tom Lehrer 5G who sang some original ditties which kept the freshmen in hysterics for over 20 minutes.