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John K. Fairbank '29, professor of History, swore yesterday that Louis Budenz lied when he charged Fairbank was a communist.

Testifying in a public hearing before the Senate Internal Security Subcommittee. Fairbank expanded on the 17-page statement he read in a closed hearing Tuesday. He repeated his criticism of the committee's procedure on some points, including the making public of Budenz's "unsubstantiated" testimony.

At one point in the testimony, Senator Smith (D.N.C.) commented. "Some instrumentality may have to decide which of you (Fairbank or Budenz) is telling the truth."

Asked to Testify

The Far East expert testified at his own request in connection with the committee's year-long probe into the Institute of Pacific Relations.

Budenz one-time editor of the Daily Worker had testified earlier that he knew Fairbank to be a communist from "official reports."

Fairbank objected to allowing Budenz to give this testimony publicly without cross examination. He contended Budenz should have been asked what kind of reports, to whom they were sent, and for whom they were intended.

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