Eli Five Romps Over Crimson, 71-51

Crimson Loses 5-Point First Period Margin, Never Regains Lead During Rough Game

Big-time competition again proved too much for the varsity basketball team, which lost to Yale, 71 to 51, in the I.A.B. on Saturday. The Elis out-ran, out-rebounded, and sometimes out-shoved the Crimson, which lost its second straight game to the Elis and its 17th of the season against only five victories.

The Blues convincingly proved that last week's six-point victory over the Crimson at New Haven was no fluke. In both games, they had to overcome a first-quarter deficit, but after that were continually on top.

After falling behind only four points at half-time, the Crimson never again seriously threatened to take the lead. Paced by John Weber and Jerry Labriola, who played most of the game in place of Ed McHugh, the injured Yale captain out-scored the losers, 22 to 9, in the third period, and their substitutes advanced the gap by three more points in the final quarter.

The Crimson played very erratically in the last half, at times fast-breaking Yale Elsie but usually giving the ball away on wild shots and bad passes. Except for the first quarter, the varsity's alternating zone and man-to-man defense was completely unable to stop the Blue from scoring either from the outside or under the basket.

At two times in the second and third quarters, the Blues scored eight and ten pennies respectively before the Crimson could sink a basket. The losers made only one field goal in the second period and took them six minutes to score that.

Stevenson Outstanding

If any one player could be called out-standing for the Crimson, it was Captain John who scored seven points to pace the first-quarter spurt, which ended with the Crimson in front, 19 to 14. Hick Lionetie ended the game with 15 points high for the Crimson, while seniors Hickey and Gerry Murphy also played well after entering the pame in second half.

The game was marked by several questionable calls made by the officials, and also by several they did not make. Halfway the third quarter, the Crimson's Ed Blodnick was thrown out of the game for fighting with Yale's Spence Schnaitter but the game had begun to resemble brawl long before this.

Fans on both sides of the stands began to stamp their feet and boo at almost every during a short time in this period. Altogether, two Crimson players and one from Yale left the game on five personal fouls, at least 40 of which were called during the night.