Point 4 Program Official to Tell Med School's Public Health Role

World health, and particularly the place of the Harvard Medical School in training public health experts, are the subjects of a talk at 4 p.m. today at the Medical School by Dr. H. van Zile Hyde, recently appointed Health Director of the State Department's Point 4 program.

Dr. Hyde's remarks are expected to be of particular interest to the 38 foreign students from 24 different countries now attending the School of Public Health.

The school's program for training public health specialists for service in this country and abroad, especially in under developed areas, will be discussed.

Last year, the school trained 50 ECA physicians, public health nurses, salutary engineers, and other specialists for work they are now doing in Burma, Indonesia, and Indo-China. Dr. Hyde has done public health work in the Middle East and in the Balkans.

Dr. Hyde has entitled his address for today "The International Health Movement," a topic on which his present position on the Technical Cooperation Administration makes him an expert.