Ivy Spring Grid Regulations Forbid Equipment, Coaching

Football Coach Lloyd Jordan yesterday released the text of the Ivy Group regulations concerning spring practice. Jordan had previously outlined the rules to football candidates at a meeting Monday.

"I want to make these known to the College community," he said yesterday, "so that people who see fellows passing, kicking, or working out on blocking machines will know just what the story is."

Jordan said that he had been mistaken Monday when he told the candidates they would be allowed to draw pads. In other respects, though, the rules are just as he described them. The "Crowthers" blocking apparatus would not be prohibited equipment, Jordan felt, so long as no coaches directed its use.

The rules:

Prohibitive Regulations:


1. Meetings for purposes of lectures or motion picture viewing.

2. Practice under the leadership of the captain or other lettermen.

3. Organized physical conditioning in physical education classes or under the cover of other sports.

4. Required participation in other sports.

5. Issuance of equipment other than shoes and footballs.

Permissive Regulations:

1. One organizational meeting of all candidates for football to be held prior to the final examination period.

2. Photographs of football players for the programs of the ensuing fall.

3. Individuals may consult with coaches and view movies on their own initiative, with or without a coach.

4. Individuals on their own initiative and without supervision may practice kicking and passing and individual skills.