'55 Lacrosse Squad Promising

Aided by the discontinuance of spring football and hindered by a lack of practice time, the Yardling lacrosse team presents an unusual contrast of highly skilled players and inexperienced tyros.

Coach Bob Picket remarked that the new Ivy League football rulings were a blessing to all spring sports. Supplementing his squad with five Yardling football players, including ex-Captain Tim Anderson, Pickett has reason to be pleased. He continued, saying the team wasn't ready for any games as they have only had a week of real practice. "However," he continued, "they look very good for that amount of time."

"As in all freshman sports, our biggest problem is molding into a team ten men who have never played together before." Pickett mentioned that the squad should beat Mount Herman this Saturday, but the big early season test would be with Deerfield Academy next Wednesday.

The squad itself consists of one complete experienced team: the remaining members are either semi-skilled or men new to the sport.

At the beginning of practice Pickett had his choice of three goalies, but Wednesday the team's first major injury occurred. John Ogdell, all ex-Andover player, separated his left shoulder and was put out of action for the rest of the year. Pickett said that as yet he has not chosen his starting goal tender from the two remaining men, John Eldridge and Steve Denhartog, although yesterday at the first full field scrimmage, Denhartog handled the net assignment.


The offensive trio is probably the most experienced group on the team with John Taylor, who captained an undefeated JV squad at Andover in his sophomore year; Tom Whedon, and Exeter stalwart; and Jim Dorsey, who played for Gilman in Baltimore, a school noted as a lacrosse power in the country. Dorsey is Pickett's best stick handler and looked very promising in yesterday's scrimmage with the varsity.

Position wise, the biggest hole soems to be at defense. Though there are many willing players. Yesterday's workout showed the great amount of work that has to be done. Bill Cormack is probably the most skilled. He and two other hopefuls gleaned from the football squad. Herb Grossman and Bill Toohey, should add depth and size.

Playing the mid-field for the Yardlings will be Pete Palches. Tim Anderson, and Ed Brown, who all did creditable jobs against the varsity. Their play along with that of Buzz Smyth. John Law, and Dave Foster of the second mid-field, may well be the deciding factor this year.