South Africans Visit

Africa's grave race problem will be resolved within the next decade, Basil F. Schonland, Chancellor of Rhodes University, said yesterday.

Schonland and his wife, shown above, are visiting the United States on a Carnegie Corporation grant to observe U.S. industrial and educational trends, particularly in his own field of geophysics.

He said that Rhodes, which has separate campuses for native and white students. Is typical of South African education. in that equal but separate facilities are provided.

"The present rapid industrial development has done a great deal to cut segregation, which is now practiced only in the only in the older trade unions. If this trend continues, he said, "a large percentage of the natives will be urbanized within ten years. Now the situation is grave, but we are a country of two and one half million whites to nine and one half million natives. The whites sincerely want to see more natives civilized. but they are afraid of being engulfed themselves."