The Mail

To the Editors of the CRIMSON:

Regarding your editorial on the Postmen ("Phony Express") I think you had a fine point, but I wonder why you did not suggest anything constructive to remedy the situation. The Postmen may be something of a nuisance when they come around demanding money for their Ball, but they perform a service for us and deserve every respect we can give them.

There are dozens of different ways students can repay them for their service, and yet not be bothered by importunate solicitation. One such method is to have the House Committee buy a block of tickets in return for a guarantee that no member of the House will be bothered by further attempts at selling. Another is to have the University buy a large black of tickets on the same basis.

It may be perfectly true that we have a legal right to slam our doors in their faces, although if I may be facetious, most doors in the Houses have an automatic closer attached which makes door-slamming a job for some Hercules. But it is both needless and rude to do so even if it were physically possible, especially since a little bit of imagination could put an end to the problem once and for all. Harvey M. Chester '54