Varsity Loses to Navy, Wisconsin, In EARC Regatta

Crimson oarsmen spent the weekend achieving the dubious distinction of placing in more E.A.R.C. races than any of the other runner-ups to Navy, which gained the Eastern sprint championship indisputably by winning all its events.

In the varsity 2000 meter final, Harvard trailed Navy by two lengths and was also a quarter of a length behind Wisconsin, which crossed the finish line in the place position. Cornell, the other finalist, was fourth.

The Middies' winning time was 6:03.7, the best recorded in the seven E.A.R.C. regattas that have been held. Penn's elimination in a morning heat by Cornell came as a surprise.

As for the Crimson, it once again was a strong contender for half the race, and was beaten cut of second place in the last stages. Earlier Saturday, the Crimson defeated Yale and Columbia without much trouble, and in that order, in the preliminary heat.

In the J.V. race, the Crimson led in the first strokes, but subsequently foundered while Navy and Penn fought it out for the lead, the sailors coming out on top.

Probably the biggest disappointment to the Harvard oarsmen came when their freshman boat, which had edged Navy last week, came in second to the Middies. Annapolis grabbed a lead about the half-way point and held it the rest of the way.

Wisconsin recorded the most spectacular time of the day when it rowed the 2000 meters in 6:01.7.

During the course of the weekend, Bert Haines, the 150's coach, received a plaque honoring him from the Crew Coaches Organization of America.