Councillor Lynch Might Force City Manager Issue in Monday Meeting

The motion for re-election of John B. Atkinson as City Manager will probably be brought from the sub-committee of finance to the Council proper at the Council's meeting next Monday, City Councillor John D. Lynch yesterday told the CRIMSON. The move, which would terminate 19 weeks of bickering, would not guarantee his election, but would bring the issue into the open.

Lynch made the same motion at yesterday's meeting, but saw it defeated five to three, with Chester A. Higley and Edward J. Sullivan the only other councilmen supporting the measure.

Election Probable

Lynch seemed heartened when interviewed afterwards, asserting that "he'll probably get it at the next meeting when Foley and Sennett vote for the election." He referred to councillors George H. Foley and Francis L. Sennett, who up to now have bitterly opposed Atkinson's election.

Foley, outspoken foe of Atkinson, who recently called the City Manager "a liar" in front of the Council, commented that "I'm liable to vote for him at any time." Sennott was unavailable for comment.

Support From Higley

Higley, who has opposed Atkinson for a good part of the four and a half month controversy, stated, "I'm in favor of his getting elected right away--I only opposed him on small, separate issues." Sullivan, like Lynch, has supported the Manager during the whole controversy. Councillors W. Donnison Swan '17, Edward A. Crane '35, Hyman Pill and Mayor Joseph A. DiGuglielmo '29 have always opposed Atkinson.