Sullivan Will Ask City Council for Riot Conference

City Councilman Edward A. Sullivan said last night he will introduce his order, requesting a conference of local college representatives to discuss rioting, at today's special meeting of the City Council.

Such a conference, Sullivan said, would attempt to determine a method of "restoring peace and quiet to spring evenings in Cambridge." This order stems directly from the M.I.T. disturbance, started by 800 students on Monday night near Briggs Field and carried over to the Radcliffe Quadrangle.

Sullivan added that he doesn't mind "if the students raise a little hell," but he thought they were overdoing it. In the last month, Tech students, who are now taking exams, have staged four riots of considerable magnitude.

Sullivan's chief objection was based on the fact that the riot originated near the Sancta Maria Hospital, disturbing 64 surgery and maternity cases.

According to M.I.T. authorities, all disciplinary action for the 17 men will be taken by the Student Government.