Bostrom Reveals Impending Quota Cut in Air Sci. 3

Directives from Air University Headquarters have asked for a reduction in the number of Air Science 3 students enrolled in Comptrollership, Commanding Officer Colonel Frank H. Bostrom, professor of Air Science and Tactics, revealed Saturday, Bostrom added that he and his staff had not decided how many students are to be cut.

Air Science 2 cadets were asked last spring to indicate a preference for either Comptrollership or Flight Operations. Bostrom said he hopes that some of the students in the third year class, which is top-heavy with comptroller options, will take a try at the Flight Operations physical examination. The number of men to be cut will depend on the ultimate size of the Comptrollership class.

Air University Headquarters told the Shannon Hall Air Force R.O.T.C. office that the need for comptrollers is low, whereas there is an acute shortage of cadet pilots. If present world conditions continue, students who have chosen Flight Operations will be called up for four years, as contrasted with a two-year stint in Comptrollership. The longer period of service in the Flight Operations option was a strong factor when the choice arose last spring.

Enrollment in both the Comptrollership and Flight Operations classes entitles students to 1-D draft deferments for their junior and senior years.

Bostrom said the decision on who would be cut from Comptrollership would be made as soon as possible.