Lack of Funds, Directors, and Actors May Cause Brattle Theatre's Demise

Brattle Theatre may never again produce plays for Cambridge audiences.

Four years of heavy loss have put the company deep in the red. Besides this director Albert Marre has resigned, taking with him Jan Farrand, his wife and the Brattle's leading actress. According to the theatre's general manager, Bryant Haliday, Brattle will attempt to raise the money and find the actors to start production in January, but Holiday is not very optimistic about the Brattle's chances. And meanwhile the theatre on Brattle Street is now up for sale.

If the Brattle does reopen, Haliday assorts, it will be on a non-profit basis. The company will reorganize its executive structure and solicit contributions rather than float stocks and bonds sales.

In order to begin production, the company will need $20,000 and, of course, new personnel. The current board of trustees will discuss the likelihood of securing the money and the actors in a meeting to be held shortly. At that time, they will also consider offers for the sale of the theatre.

Three Possiblities


Haliday feels that there are three possible courses of action. The Brattle may completely disband, selling the theatre. On the other hand, if the trustees decide to begin again in January, they may rent the theatre during the fall. The third possibility is that a young group, similar to the one that started the Brattle four years ago, might want to try a similar venture. In that case, says Haliday, the Brattle will try to make it easier for them.

So far, the Brattle has received a few offers to sell. They include a group which wants to show foreign movies and one which wants to hire the hall to private parties for dancing.