83 Students Enter Air Science 3; Yale Gets Last-Minute ROTC Quota

Twenty Yale juniors this week heard they could remain in the Air Force ROTC unit just ten minutes before they were to be out.

A last-minute wire from the Pentagon to Commanding Officer Colonel Richard Grimbel countermanded a previous order to cut 60 third year men. The students were to be dropped in groups of 20.

Grimbel received a directive from Air University Headquarters last, summer which cut the Yale quota from 225 to 158. He wrote the 230 men enrolled in the course, informing them of the cut and requesting that those who wished to drop out inform him personally.

Three boards were established to arbitrate the selection. They proved to be unnecessary, however, when the new order came through and enough men dropped out to meet the quota.

Students who have enrolled in Air Science 3 are required to take a new physical.