Brattle Negotiates October Run for H. Levin Production

Theatre May Reopen After Period of Box-Office Losses

After a period of idleness which threatened to extend into 1953, the Brattle Theatre may be back in business. The theatre probably will open late this fall with Herman Levin's production of "The Temptation of Maggie Haggarty," according to Brattle's manager Bryant Holiday.

Contract negotiations are under way now between Levin and Holiday. When contacted in New York last night, Levin said that "it looks pretty definite. If we can get the show on the stage they have, then it's O.K."

Brattle closed its doors on the 29th of August after going heavily in debt. Holiday announced at the beginning of the term that the theatre needs $20,000 to go back into business.

Levin will handle all of the production on his show, paying the Brattle only for rental charges. The play was written by James V. McGhee, and will feature Phyllis Love, the author's wife, in the principal role.

The story is built around a "wild, funny, and savage woman who runs a New York rooming house on East Fifteenth Street." Martin Ritt has been mentioned as director.

Levin originally planned to open the show on Nov. 3, but has reconsidered is view of the presidential balloting the next day. He said last night that the play probably will open late in October and will have a two week pro-Broadway run.

Holiday reported that he would very much like to give Levin's production since "it would ease our situation considerably." Asked how Brattle's situation looks now, Holiday replied: "We're getting a broad of trustees, and that takes a little time."