Masters Conclude Rules Succeeding

Parietal rules in their present form are working out "smoothly" and to the apparent satisfaction of everyone concerned, Gordon M. Fair, Dunster Housemaster, and Mason Hammond, Leverett master, concluded last night on station WHRB's "The Student Council on the Air."

They were interviewed by two student council representatives, David P. Bicks '55, and Robert A. G. Monks '54.

Bicks opened the discussion by asking if there didn't seem to be an inconsistency in policies regarding the undergraduate freedom concerning drinking, compared to comparative strictness "concerning social intercourse."

But both masters noted that the general criterion for allowing freedom in either case is whether the action involved will reflect on the University.

Hammond added, however, that the rules this fall have evidently been "satisfactory to everyone at Kirkland." Fair concurred, pointing out that student conduct at Dunster this year has been good.