Crimson Booters Battle Williams To Open Season

Sophomores will be the center of attention this afternoon as the soccer season starts in the shadows of Soldiers Field. Four of them will start in the front line for the Crimson with four more sure to see action against a veteran Williams squad.

The Ephmen will field almost the same team that whipped the Crimson last year, and are consequently heavy favorites.

Coach Bruce Munro is understandably tight-lipped about his squad. He has no outstanding fullbacks, he says, and sophomores make the forward line unpredictable.

He seems set with halfbacks and goalies, however. Pete Briggs, a senior will start in the nets and Lindsay Fischer, last year's freshman goalie is likely to play at least part of the game. Captain Bobby Dean, Alex Haegler, and Rusty MacIntosh, all dependable veterans, are the starting halfbacks. Haegler is potential high scorer and will shift to center forward for part of the game. MacIntosh, Munro says, has improved one hundred percent over last year, and Dean, like MacIntosh, covers a great deal of territory and is a good passer.

When Haegler moves up to the line, center forward Marv Weiss will move into his halfback position. He and Weiss are the lone veterans in the line. Bob Lloyd and Stacy Holmes will be at inside left and right, respectively. Godfrey Truslow will be at left wing and Bill Lingelbach at right.


Juan Rodriguez, a veteran utility man, will have one of the fullback assignments and Ed Jacobsen the other.

Gametime is 2 p.m. on the Business School field.