Police May Close Old Howard After Pinch of 3 Girls

The Old Howard, favorite haunt of eight generations of College students, may seen be closed by order of the police. District Attorney Garret H. Byrne said last night he would move to close both the Howard and the Casino "to help combat juvenile delinquency."

Byrne revealed his threat after three women performers has been charged with "open and gross lewdness" and taking part in an immoral show. The trio--Rosa La Rose, Irma the Body, and Marino Russell--pleaded innocent yesterday and were released on $500 bail each. The police said that films, taken at the performances, would prove the validity of their judgment on the morality of the shows.

Miss Body, whose off-stage name is Mary Goodneighbor, stated last night: "Any talk about my performance being immoral is ridiculous. Why, I wear 60 yards of orchid tulle in the skirt of my dancing frock alone and 35 pounds of bugle beading on the stole and bustle."

"So I do take them off. That's what I'm paid for," she added.

Byrne said he would ask Mayor John B. Hynes to revoke h licenses of the two burlesque houses when he returns from abroad. "We have a juvenile problem on our hands already and for purveyors of filth to be allowed to pander to audiences of all ages is something that should not be tolerated."

Miss Russell commented she "certainly wouldn't do anything indecent, and mentioned that the trio had performed in Boston before without trouble. She said they had just come from Baltimore, where they had been treated "right royal."

All Rose La Rose could say was, "I've never been so insulted in all my life."