Dunster to Post List of Men Who Owe House Dues

The Dunster House Committee will post a list of undergraduates who-have not paid their House dues next week.

Approximately 35 members of the House have not paid their $3.00 dues and have been visited by a member of the Committee some time before the list is posted, Chairman Ronald M. Ansin '55 said last night.

The House dues, which make up 40% of the Dunster budget, are used for the C-entry pool table, ping pong, magazine subscriptions, smokers, and athletic expenses, such as cleaning uniforms, and golf fees.

"Just a Reminder"

"And the notice we put up won't say, 'The following have refused to pay their dues.' At least I'd like it to say, "The following are reminded that they have not as yet paid their dues.' The whole thing will just be a reminder."

"It's my own belief that a person who lives in Dunster House should be willing to pay the dues. A person who is willing to use the facilities made available by the money which other members of the House contribute should be willing to contribute himself."

One undergraduate contacted last night, Martin S. Baskin '54, called the posting of the lists "in extremely bad taste." Baskin, who has already paid his dues, added, a "few dollars just can't be worth that much. It's an unfair form of pressure."

Ansin last night quoted the Dunster Constitution as saying facilities "supported by the House treasury shall be restricted to those who hold House cards," adding that non-members had been using the facilities.

In a formal statement, Ansin said,

"Approximately 90% of the House residents have already paid their dues. It is hoped that the list will serve as a reminder to those who have not yet done so. This is nothing new. We have found from past experience that the posting of a reminder of this will tend to encourage the sale of House cards to those who have neglected to pay their dues. Such encouragement is only fair to those who have paid their share toward the upkeep and continuation of the House services and facilities."