Sunday Yard rioters Await Administrative Board Action

Thirty bursar's card's taken from freshmen during Sunday's Yard rioting are still in the hands of the University, F. Skiddy von Stade '28, Dean of Freshmen, said last night.

"Any disciplinary action to be taken depends on a decision by the administrative board," he said.

The outbreaks, which were touched off by an afternoon water fight between the third and fourth floor occupants of Hollis North, flared again Sunday night as a sheet of flame rose high into the air in front of University Hall. Unknown persons poured gasoline on the ground and ignited it to kindle the blaze.

Yard proctors were not disturbed by the roistering, however. Head Yard Proctor Frank yam said last night that "blowing off steam this way is natural and we don't object to anyone's having a good time. When a riot can lead to property damage or injury we have the responsibility of stopping it."