Tutors Intensify Enforcement for Claverly Parietals

Claverly Hall lost two entrances and gained a watchman yesterday.

The staid Mt. Auburn St. relic of the Gold Coast days, whose distance from the Houses was reputedly equalled by its lax parietal rule checkup, now has only one main door, and by that door sits a little watchman.

Claverly's residents will now have to sign in and out all lady guests. They will have to abide by the regular parietal rules, and they will no longer have a side and a back door for use under unusual but pressing circumstances.


At a little desk in the main hall sits Dugald Livingstone. He must watch all Claverly men and be sure they don't sneak anything by.

Full-time Watchman


"I'm just a temporary watchman and this is a new system," Livingstone said yesterday. "There'll be a watchman here all the time now during the regular hours and afterwards.

By Livingstone's desk is a little yellow notice, announcing the change. It is signed by the resident tutors.

"I spoke to a tutor today, and he told us to not bother petitioning for a change," a Claverly sophomore said yesterday.

Installation of a sign-in desk system for bringing in female guests marked another step in Claverly's climb toward a dignity on a par with that of the Houses, some felt last night.

Long considered "the outhouse" by those who lived there, Claverly's stock has risen this year.