Langer Named Head of Russian Research

William L. Langer, Coolidge Professor of History, will replace Professor Clyde M. Kluckhohn as Director of the Russian Research Center, Dean Bundy announced yesterday. Langer will also become Chairman of the Committee on International and Regional Studies. Both appointments take effect July 1, 1954.

Langer becomes the first professor to direct both teaching and research programs in the international fields. The Russian Research Center and the International Studies program were both set up after World War II by the University.

Kluckhohn has been director of the Russian Research Center since its establishment in 1948, while associate professor Robert L. Wolff has led the International and Regional Studies Committee since 1953.

During and after World War II, Langer administered research and intelligence work for the government. He received the Medal of Merit in 1946 for his work with serving as Chief of the Research and Analysis Branch of the OSE.

The International Studies program trains graduates for work involving knowledge and judgment of current world developments. It also offers special courses on Russia, her satellites, and on east Asian nations.

Studying Social Characteristics

The Center is at present making a long-range study of the social characteristics of Russia.

After receiving his A.M. from Harvard in 1920, Langer spent a year at the University of Vienna. His study of "The Decisive Years of German Weltpolitik: Germany's Relations with Russia and England, 1989-1920" won the Toppan Prize in 1921.