Harvard Plays Host to Greek Royal Pair

King Paul and Queen Frederika of Greece arrived at Massachusetts Hall just before noon yesterday on the second leg of their "get acquainted" tour of the United States. Accompanied by President Pusey and College officials, the royal pair disappeared briefly into the traditional welcoming room amid Greek renditions of "Long live the King" and American equivalents shouted by gaping students.

Proceeding to Fogg Museum, the King and Queen descended to the large lecture room. Here the King delivered a short address to members of the Fine Arts 13 and curious bystanders who had shouldered their way in. He spoke of the great strides his country had made in converting the youthful guerilla fighters to a peaceful, "peasant" way of life and how the "staunch support" of the United States was evident everywhere in Greece.

King Paul suggested, in deliberate but perfect English, that "Our country gave the idea of freedom to the world and the United States has given its meaning unity." Finishing his speech with an expression of gratitude for his cordial welcome at Harvard, the King, with his party, followed director John P. Coolidge '35 on a tour of the museum.

After leaving Harvard the Greek royalty lunched with Governor Herter, and later in the afternoon held a reception for 5,000 Greek-Americans at the Somerset Hotel in Boston. They boarded their plane at 8:30.

The King (right) and Queen are shown entering Fogg as throngs of spectators look on. Students even climbed up the brick gate across the street to secure a better view.