Varsity Winter Schedules


December--5, Boston University; 9, at Wesleyan; 12, at Brown; 16, at Cornell; 18, Tufts; 28, 29, 30, Dartmouth Tournament at Hanover, N. H.

January--5, Northeastern; 8, Columbia; 9, Princeton; 13, Brandeis; 16, Yale.

February--3, Amherst; 6, Navy; 10, Boston College; 13, Dartmouth; 17, at Dartmouth; 20, at Princeton; 22, at Columbia; 24, Brown; 27, Cornell.

March--3, at Pennsylvania; 6, at Yale; 8, Pennsylvania.


December--4, at Dartmouth; 8, at Providence; 11, Boston College at Boston Garden; 15, Boston University at Boston Garden; 22, at University of Minnesota; 23, at University of Minnesota; 26, at Colorado College; 28, at Colorado College; 29, at University of Denver; 30, at University of Denver.

January--9, Dartmouth at Lynn Arena; 11, Beanpot Tournament, Boston University at Boston Garden; 12, Beanpot Tournament, Winners play off, losers play off.

February--2, Northeastern at Boston Garden; 6, at Dartmouth; 10, at Brown; 15, Boston College at Boston Garden; 20, at Princeton; 23, Brown at Lynn Arena; 27, at Yale.

March--3, Princeton at Boston Garden; 6, Yale at Boston Garden.


December--5, Tufts (tentative); 12, Boston University.

January--9, Providence College (tentative); 16, K of C Meet at Boston Garden; 23, Millrose Games at Madison Square Garden, N. Y.; se, BAA at Boston Garden.

February--6, Brown; 13, at Dartmouth; 22, Princeton and Yale at New Haven; 27, Ic4A at Madison Square Garden, N.Y.

March--6, Heptagonals at Ithaca, N.Y.