CRIMSON's Spring Comps Begin Tonight

Competition for all four boards of the Harvard CRIMSON, undergraduate daily, will start tonight at 7:30 in the Crime building at 14 Plympton St.

Harvard and Radcliffe, freshmen, sophomores and juniors, are cordially invited to the competition, which will probably last about eight weeks.

Come tonight and experience the one and only time the business manager throws caution to the winds and gives away quantities of free beer.

The comp will start as an every other night affair, with candidates eventually required to work every night.

News candidates will at first write squibs and headlines, gradually handling bigger stories, both sports and news. Natural writing ability is not the only criterion on the news board; interest and constant work soon smooth over technical difficulties.

The editorial board sets a premium on original college topics, well researched in the Widener archives or any library.

The photo comp strives to improve the candidate's ideas as well as his technical ability in taking pictures and developing them.

CRIMSON candidacy, though involving hard work, also has its pleasant moments. Interviews with visiting artists, or actresses, local professors, or major league baseball players are always rewarding and fun to do.

Business board candidates will visit Cambridge stores, and coerce advertisements from the owners. Later in the comp they will cast mats for ads, and finally dummy pages.

Directors for the different boards hinted last night that there would probably be something different in the running of the competition, with details to be announced tonight.