Reynolds Kills Proposal to Replace Post Office on University Property

Any chance that the University could provide the Harvard Square Branch of the Post Office with a replacement for its present building was recently thrown out by Edward R. Reynolds, administrative vice-president.

Reynolds told postal officials the University does not have a building available, for the post office's use, and that he sees little chance a vacant lot of the University will be available for the new office.

Request for such space came from postal officials looking for a replacement for their present office when its lease expires of September 30.

The building has been termed "inadequate" for rising Cambridge needs. It will need a new heating plant, more floor space, and improved lighting before the lease could be renewed.

And the present owner of the building has not indicated he is willing to make the necessary costly repairs.

Two contractors have already offered the Cambridge City Council proposals to construct the new building, either on the city-owned parking lot or at the corner of Mt. Auburn and Story streets. The Council must decide by April 1 which, if any, of the proposals it will accept.

Square merchants opposed to using the parking lot, charged its loss would cut down on parking space and curb their business.