'Cliffe May Open Co-op Dormitory

Radcliffe may have a now co-operative dorm next year if a suitable building can be found. Mrs. Mary S. Moser, Dean of Residence, indicated yesterday.

"With the present tuition raise, we consider it an obligation to the students to provide more opportunity for lower cost housing," said Dean Moser, Radcliffe has been considering the new co-op for some time, but with the tuition like, such a move may be a necessity.

In the co-op setup, the girls will manage their own marketing and cooking, independently of the College. Similar setups are now being used in three 'Cliffe Houses' Peach, Edmunds, and Everett.

The search for a building has been unsuccessful so far. Dean Moser felt it would be too expensive to convert any of the present off-campus houses into co-ops because of their lack of kitchen space.

One of the off-campus houses, probably Saville, may be converted into a French House next year. The main objection to this change, suggested by the French Club, is that it would take up a house which might better be converted into a co-op.

Now that the off-campus houses have been found unsuitable for co-ops, however, it will be possible to use the French House if 25 students will agree by March I to live in it next year.