'Cliffe Asks Drop Of Race Criteria For Roommates

Radcliffe's Student Government Association recommended Monday that deans exclude racial and religious bases in selecting freshman roommates.

The council suggested that a questionnaire be sent to incoming freshmen stating, "Please note any special preferences which you would like to see in a roommate's "study habits, extra-curricular and social activities, race, religion, and geography." From this, the deans would assign roommates according to compatibility instead of interests, race, and religion.

Certain "personal complaints" brought the problem to the notice of the SGA executive board late last term. It was then relayed to the entire council, largely through the interest of RAACP. SGA appointed a committee to discuss this with Dean Moser, dean of residence.

Moser Accepts Plan

At Monday's general meeting, Cynthia Crawford '55, the committee chairman, moved that the proposal, already accepted by Dean Mary S. Moser, be approved by the whole council. Although several abstained from voting, SGA nevertheless passed the motion.

This recommendation does not change college policy, but is an expression of student opinion. In the past, there has been no such questionnaire required of freshmen. SGA officers stated that this change in choosing roommates would be more democratic and beneficial to the students.