Liquor Licensers Rule Out Permit for Smoker Beer

Cambridge License Commissioners yesterday refused to grant the Smoker Committee a wholesale liquor license to purchase low cost beer. Despite this, smoker officials promise freshmen that beer will nevertheless be served at the Smoker.

The three-man liquor board turned thumbs down on the license on the grounds that the beer was being served to minors. The Smoker Committee was annoyed but not surprised by the decision since the board had refused a similar bid last year.

As a result of the refusal the smoker will lose over $199 this year and every year from now on by being forced to purchase beer at the retail price.

Although the law forbids the serving or selling of beer to minors in a public place, the Smoker will have impunity. It is considered a private party, because it is limited to the freshman class.

Last year's Yardlings consumed 15 half-kegs of beer worth $18 per half-keg in defiance of Chief of Police Patrick J. Ready's warning not to hold the party No raid occurred however.


Smoker Chairman Peter S. Hearst '56 would not comment on reports that the Smoker was trying to get someone from the burlesque. But he said that it was not untrue that they were looking for female entertainment. He added that, among other features at this year's affair, a prize will be given to the best beer drinker.