Spiro Didn't Gyp Students; Cards will Arrive This June

"Not so, "Herbert J. Spire, teaching fellow in Government, said last night to charges that he had turned in his students' postcards to the Post Office for a refund.

Students in Spiro's section of Government 106a slipped self-addressed, two-cent postcards into their exam booklets and turned them in. It was the last they saw of the postcards.

Sections met again, and still no postcards appeared. Rumors that Spire had taken the unused cards back to the U.S. Government began to circulate among his dubious public.

But Spiro denies everything.

"In Government 106 we didn't need the postcards because we handed back the blue books in section," he explained. The tuppences are not wasted, however. "We'll use the postcards at the end of this term," said Spiro.