Harvard Sextet Battles Against Brown Tonight

Tonight's hockey game at the Providence Arena hangs on two factors--the men who are there, and the men who aren't. More, perhaps, on the latter.

Brown, with victories over B.C. and Yale, will be tough to beat on its own ice. But on top of that, Crimson right wing Dick Clasby may well not be playing at all. He was bedridden yesterday with a touch of the flu, and won't play unless well.

The Bruins, fortunately, are in the same situation. Goalie Don Copp--not good, but regular--was Thursday declared ineligible, on scholastic counts. The team also lost spare Don Mulhern.

Moynihan Starts

Jim Moynihan, who played third line last week in the Crimson's first loss, against Northeastern, will take Clasby's place on the first line. A steady player, good on both offense and defense, Moynihan will fit in well with first-liners Amory Hubbard and Captain Walt Greeley, both smooth skaters.

The Crimson, with a 6-1 record, will have to take this one if it expects to hold its rating as number-one team in the East. After Saturday's loss to the Huskies, who also beat Brown last week, the team may well rebound into the sharp, hard-hitting game that characterized its play before examinations.

Two other Crimson skaters will be weakened but playing. Ed Mrkonich and Tony Patton have both also had the flu this week, but both are expected to be ready. Brad Richardson will start, as usual, in the goal.