Squash Team Favored Over Williams; Ufford To Face Rival Squires

Theoretically, nobody should be worried about the Squash match with Williams today. On paper the Crimson figures to win easily and it probably will. But Jack Barnaby is justiflably jittery, since the Ephmeu over the years have gained a reputation for knocking off Ivy League teams. There may be unexpected fireworks, starting at 2:30 in Hemenway.

The top match of the day will see National Champion Charlie Ufford square off against Dick Squires, best small college player in the country. Squires and Ufford have a long rivairy in both squash and tennis: Ufford has never won in tennis and Squires has never won in squash.

Watts Favored

Crimson Captain Dave Watts should take either Soapy Symington or Bob Brownell, whichever of the two happens to be in the second spot this week.

The only doubtful matches will be in the third fourth, and fifth positions, where Hadden Tomes, Charlie Elliott, and Larry Brownell (no relation to Bob) will run into tough competition.

Bill Wister, sixth, Johnny Rauh, seventh, Steve Sonnabend, eighth, and Mike Ward, ninth, are all favored for the Crimson.