Season Ticket Holders Return to 1951 Seats

Football season ticket holders will move down the stadium next fall, to the seats they occupied prior to last season.

According to Frank O. Lunden, H.A.A. Ticket Office Manager, this year's season tickets are being sold in sections eight, nine and ten on the visiting side. Section eight, starting at the 40 yard line, was the usual section for season ticket holders before 1951.

Last year, visiting teams were allocated sections one through six--this year they will have one through seven. The arrangement is expected to alleviate such problems as occurred at last fall's Dartmouth game.

Dartmouth fans oversubscribed the game, and were seated in sections one through six, and ten through twelve, leaving season ticket holders in the middle. Big Green cheerleaders thus spent the afternoon exhorting several hundred stolid Harvardians.