Chemistry and Physics Get Million From Loeb

Funds, Will Remodel Lab Facilities, Pay Morris Loeb Chairs

Nearly a million dollars have come to the departments of chemistry and physics from the estate of Morris Loeb '73, Provost Buck announced yesterday.

Both departments will use the money to modernize laboratory facilities and to establish Morris Loeb chairs.

The larger share of money, approximately $500,000, goes for chemistry. Paul D. Bartlett, Erving Professor of Chemistry and department chairman, said yesterday that the majority of the funds will of towards the remodeling of large sections of the Mallinckrodt, Converse, and possibly Gibbs Laboratories. Gibbs was built in 1913 with money given by Loeb.

Start This Summer

Ronald E. Vanelli '41, director of the chemical laboratories, stated that work will probably start this summer.

The rest of the chemistry money will pay the salary of the Morris Loeb Professor of Chemistry, who has not yet been chosen. Bartlett said that the chair will go to a man who is presently in the department.

The department of physics has received $310,800, Kenneth T. Bainbridge, department chairman, said. The funds will go to modernize the older sections of the Jeffersonian Laboratory, to buy now instructional equipment for elementary physics courses, and to establish the Morris Loeb Lectureship. Bainbridge said there will be at least one Loeb lecturer for a full semester each year, and if funds permit, additional lectures, who will reside at the University for a period of several weeks and give lectures both in advanced areas of physics and in topics of interest to the undergraduate body as a whole.

Left Annuity

Loeb, a chemist who did important work himself, died in 1913 and left his estate to his wife in the form of an annuity, the principal of which would go to Harvard upon her death.

But when she died in 1951, it was found that she had hardly touched even the interest, and it, too, now to the University.