Athenaeum to Debate University Grid Policy

The controversy over University football policy has shattered political party lines in the Athenaeum.

Caucus leaders of the group agreed last night that all members will meet a half-hour before their Sunday debate to pick their own side of the question, "Is Har-Sabotaging its Football Team?"

The resolution will read, "That Harvard should support its team with all measures necessary to produce winning football."

The meeting will be held Sunday at 7:45 p.m. in Mallinckrodt MB-9. Austin Lake, sports columnist of the Boston American will present his views, but debate among the members will follow lines decided at the pre-meeting caucus. According to Hugh J. Schwartzburg '54, member of the Athenaeum Board of Governors, a number of members are prepared to defend some sort of subsidation of football players to improve the team."

According to Schwartzburg, the split occurred because the topic "is hardly political enough to divide on along liberal and conservative lines." There are three caucuses in the group--conservative, liberal, and independent.