3 Medical School Professors Sued

Three Medical School professors are among seven defendant doctors in a $250,000 libel suit brought by Robert E. Lincoln, originator of a controversial method for treatment of cancer. Lincoln is also suing the Massachusetts Medical Society.

James B. Ayer '03, Putnam Professor of Neurology, Emeritus; John F. Enders, associate professor of Bacteriology and Immunology; and Richard Ford '36, assistant professor of Legal Medicine, who are being charged by Lincoln, were members of a board which studied his methods.

Lincoln's charge is that a report which the Medical Society made in March, 1952, was "a false and malicious libel" that held him up to contempt and ridicule. Lincoln is a former member of the Society. The organization said last March that it had requested his resignation.

During the disagreement in March, Senator Tobey (R.-N.H.) claimed that Lincoln had cured his son of cancer.

Attachments have been issued against the Society and assets of the defendants.