Tar Heels Favored to Top Varsity Tennis Men Today

Rain or otherwise, Jack Barnaby's squad stands to drop its third match of the season to one of the country's top tennis teams this afternoon at 2 p.m.

Coach John Kenfield's North Carolina team arrived in town last night sporting a 19 game winning streak and some of the nation's best college players. The Tar Heels, in repaying the Crimson's earlier visit to the South, should provide some of the best tennis seen in Cambridge this year.

In the event of rain the match will be taken indoors to the Tennis and Squash Club. Barnaby is determined to play at all costs.

Coach Corey Wynn's freshman squad rates as a solid favorite over St. Mark's this afternoon at Southboro. St. Mark's trimmed the "B" squad last year so moves up against the Yardling "A" squad this season.

North Carolina has already handed the Crimson both its opening season defeats, but the match today should be no push-over for the Tar Heels. Barnaby's proteges have had a chance to put in some practice since the spring trip to Dixie.

Last year at Chapel Hill the Crimson lost, 8 to 1, but almost pulled an upset at Cambridge later in the season, losing only 5 to 4.

The same Chapel Hill squad that administered both years' defeats is on hand today, led by unbeaten Southern Conference champion Doll Sylvia. He will face the Crimson's top man Johnny Rauh. The Tar Heel ace topped Rauh in three sets on the Crimson's souther swing, 1-6, 6-2, 6-3.

Battling for the number two North Carolina position are unbeaten freshman Tommy Bradford and sophomore Herb Browne from Columbia, S.C. Browne, a former National Interscholastic champion who went to the National Interscholastic quarter-finals last year, will probably hold down the second spot today against Captain Charley Ufford.

Payne at Four

At four for the Tar Heels is Bobby Payne, who combined with Browne last year to take the Southern Conference doubles championship. Freshmen Don Thompson and Pete Green round out the visitor's starting line-up.

For the Crimson Art French and his big twist serve will be at three. At four is Gene Mann, at five Don Bossart, and at six Alex Haegler.

Kenfield has brought along three more unbeaten men from Chapel Hill besides his first six, and will probably agree to play them also.

For the freshmen, Ham Gravem of Exeter again plays number one. Brooks Harris is two, Conrad Fischer three, Martin Hecksher four, Karl Purnell five, and Bill Green six.