Jorrin Quits Post With HLU Films

With a complete investigation of College film groups by the Dean's Office under way, Michael H. Jorrin '55 resigned last night as Film Series Chairman of the Liberal Union. Jorrin said in a statement:

"The time for group loyalties is past. No undergraduate organization's privilege to show films may be defended beyond that of any other undergraduate organization. For this reason I am resigning as Film Series Chairman of the Harvard Liberal Union."

Jorrin declared, "I feel that I can argue for the continuation of film privileges at Harvard better from an independent position."

J. C. Peter Richardson '56, film series chairman of the UN Council and the Advocate, said that in the organizations' fight to continue showing films "it seems reasonable that some agreement will be made among the three major groups in the next week or so for the formation of a new organization which would either regulate the showing of films, or by itself show all films at Harvard and distribute the profits.

"This would take the burden off Dean Watson which is what he wants."

Richardson also said that the Advocate would definitely show the controversial film "Emperor Jones." The UN Council had previously obtained the film and planned to show it. It later decided that the film would harm the name of the club.