Group Asks Funds For Indoor Rink

An all-out drive for "emergency funds" for completion of an indoor hockey rink here will seek some $327,000 by July 1, according to chairmen of a committee handling the campaign.

Although the corporation announced in January that an outdoor artificial ice rink will be built for use next winter, at a cost of $250,000, the committee seeks enough funds to build an indoor rink, costing some $600,000.

Headed by Greeley M. Sommers '42, David A. Mittell '39, and Alexander Bright '19, the committee has enlisted a member from each of 47 Harvard classes to handle the drive.

Ice will be plentiful for House and freshman hockey, the committee indicates, but suggests that varsity hockey will suffer from lack of good ice early in the spring, when the competitive season is winding up.

It is understood that the corporation takes the view that temporary shelter or roofing is unfeasible, and that improvements on the rink must be permanent. So that the plans may be completed, the additional funds must be gained by July 1. The committee has earlier gifts of some $25,000 by Bright and over $1000 by John P. Chase '28, former hockey coach, as starters.