Councilmen Elect Foley for Mayor After 189 Ballots

John J. Foley last night was elected Cambridge's mayor after 189 ballots in the Cambridge City Council.

"I am very well-pleased after all my years of service to have been granted the privilege to serve my native town as mayor," Mr. Foley stated after his election.

He has served in the Plan E Council since 1946 and previously in the Plan D Council. Also, he has been a state legislator and a Cambridge school committeeman.

Result Foreseen

Foley's election came on the first ballot last night when the four-councilman minority backed by the Cambridge Civic Association threw its unanimous support to Foley. Like all the remaining four Independents except John D. Lynch, Foley had previously been voting for himself. After the majority had been obtained, all the Independents changed their votes to make the election unanimous.


This result was not unforeseen. Wednesday, Alan Steiner, president of the CCA, sent letters to all CCA members suggesting that his group had resigned itself to the probable loss of the election and that it might be "compelled" to elect a non-CCA councillor for mayor. The CRIMSON mentioned this possibility on Jan. 13, when one of the CCA men disclosed that his group was "screening" the Independents for possible choices.