Jordan to Address Alumni Clubs During February Speaking Tour

"A coach doesn't sit around for the rest of the year after the football season closes," claims head varsity football coach Lloyd P. Jordan. To back up this stand, Jordan will spend much of next month and March touring the "banquet" circuit.

While student's were home for Christmas vacation, Jordan traveled throughout the East and Midwest telling alumni groups about the University, particularly athletics.

In a month Jordan addressed alumni groups in Syracuse, N.Y.; Rochester, N. Y.; Chicago; Dayton, Ohio; and Detroit. He was also a featured speaker at the January convention of the American Football Coaches Association.

Jordan now is planning to address groups in Buffalo, N. Y.; New York City; Pittsburgh, Pa.; Cleveland; and Springfield, Mass., within the next month.

"Harvard groups across the country are showing a terrific amount of interest in Harvard athletics. They especially want to hear speakers and see movies of the Yale and other football games," stated Jordan.


The trips, like others taken by coaches representing the University, are planned in cooperation with the offices of David M. Little '18, Secretary to the University, and Thomas D. Bolles, Director of Athletics.

Jordan recently returned from a meeting of the American Football Coaches' Association in Cincinnati where he spoke on "Harvard Defensive Preparations."

Jordan made his speaking trip before the coaches' meeting. The first stop was Syracuse, N. Y., when other speakers included Crimson football captain Tim Anderson and wingback Bob Cowles. Also on the program was Bishop Malcolm E. Peabody '11, father of former All-American football player, Endicott "Chub" Peabody, II '42.

Anderson and Cowles accompanied Jordan to Rochester, N. Y., where he addressed a luncheon for alumni, undergraduates, and prospective undergraduates.

At a similar luncheon the next day, over 300 heard Jordan at one of the largest alumni meetings over held in Chicago. Ex-football coach Arnold Horween and his son, Arnold Horween, Jr. who played football here during the season, also appeared on the Chicago program.

Jordan then flow to Dayton, Ohio, where Dave Bodiker '56, ex-freshman captain and two other former Harvard football players, Don and Harry Weber escorted him to another alumni gathering.

On his last stop before the coaches' convention, Jordan, and Robert B. Hardy '54, quarterback of the 1953 team, addressed a luncheon in Detroit.