Six Walk in Beauty Tonight at Leverett

Above are six girls. They are attractive. They are personable. One of them will be Miss Radcliffe '58. It sounds so simple, but behind this latter-day success story is hard work, careful judging, and Mark IV scoring. The editors of the CRIMSON have sacrificed their own pleasures to study these girls for three days.

But this was not the only sacrifice. Three prominent University personalities are also giving a couple of hours to the grueling decision. Samuel H. Beer, professor of Government; Pitirim A. Sorokin, professor of Social Relations; and Ira O. Scott, Leverett House associate tutor. Beer, an expert on parliamentary structures and recently returned from England, is expected to bring a European outlook to the judging. Sorokin is the director of the Institute of Creative Altruism. Scott will represent the Leverett taste.

Representing the CRIMSON at the judging will be President Arthur J. Langguth '55 and Managing Editor David L. Halberstam '55.

Miss Radcliffe will receive a Parker Pen and Pencil set from the Coop; a sweater from Corcorans'; jewelry from the Upper Story; an LP record from Minute-Man Radio Shop; a Harvard muffler from J. August; a print from the Behn-Moore Gallery; and a permanent free pass to the Brattle Theatre.

With the job, however, come several chores. Miss Radcliffe will be called upon to model the new styles of Square merchants. She will also be forced to answer the telephone. Often