Crimson '58 Football Team Loses, 7-2, in Opening Game

The Yardling A football team, twice failing to score from its opponent's five-yard line lost to an evenly-matched Dartmouth freshman squad, 7 to 2, yesterday on Soldiers Field.

The Crimson's only scoring came minutes after the opening whistle when the charging freshmen line blocked a Dartmouth punt on the Green's 20-yard line and the ball bounced back into the end zone. Left guard Charlie Eaton was credited with the two points.

Out charging and out-tackling Dartmouth for the first period the Yardlings consistently started long marches up the field only to be halted by several five and 15 yard penalties. Seriously missed was the throwing arm of injured tailback Walter Stahurs.

The Green scoring came at the end of the second period when halfback Don Klages picked up a Harvard punt on his own 15-yard line and galloped 35 yards to put Dartmouth ahead, 6 to 2. Roland Habicht converted for the visitors.

Outstanding on the Crimson offense was the shifty broken-field running of John Hennessy and the hard line plunging of fullbacks Joe Guglietta and Tom Fritz.